Inchcape UK’s Volkswagen aftersales departments implement Tjekvik digital self-service to provide its customers with more choice and improved levels of service

10 Apr 2024

Inchcape VW
Image Source: Inchcape UK

One of the UK’s leading VW dealer groups, which comprises 15 sites, utilises Tjekvik’s digital self-service solutions across its aftersales departments.

Volkswagen’s continued popularity in the UK means that its aftersales departments have been busier than ever. Like many brands, customers will often arrive to drop off and pick up their vehicles during peak times, particularly in the early morning and late afternoon. When these situations arise, customers can often feel dissatisfied, while service advisers can feel under increased pressure to process these customers in a shorter timescale. 

Back in 2022, Inchcape UK began working on a wide-ranging transformation project that looked at the complete aftersales journey, from initial bookings to vehicle handovers. The key was to make interacting with Inchcape as easy and efficient for customers as possible. The company surveyed its customers, looking at their key pain points and frustrations. In total, Inchcape reviewed 12 months’ worth of survey data to understand its customers’ key priorities. 

The survey helped to identify that its customers wanted more choice and convenience when dropping off their vehicles, instead of the standard process of waiting to be seen by a service advisor for all interactions at the site. The need for a seamless digital self-service solution led Inchcape to turn to Tjekvik and its suite of digital check-in and check-out facilities, including airport-style self-service kiosks within its aftersales departments.

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The key benefit of digital check-in and check-out is the elimination of the need for customers to wait for a service advisor to become available. Instead, customers can check in at home, provide pre-service instructions, select dealer-set added-value items, and sign their authorisation through an easy-to-use mobile-optimised website. On arrival, they can then drop off their keys within secure dedicated lockers built into the kiosks. The result is a more efficient and satisfactory customer journey.

Inchcape UK and its customers see the benefits 

“Vehicle service and repair times are constantly decreasing,” explains Andrew Middleton, Group Aftersales Director at Inchcape UK. “Over the last 10 years, we’ve seen 25-30% more aftersales customers every day, so the option of having Tjekvik self-service was the ideal solution to help combat the risk of greater queues and unhappy customers whilst offering our customers increased options and convenience.

A pilot phase, which saw the implementation of Tjekvik technology at two locations, progressed very smoothly, with levels of customer adoption that exceeded initial expectations. 

“Our staff were fully consulted ahead of the roll-out, with teams at each site given full training on how to use the technology. Our service advisors now find they are better able to use their time effectively and efficiently.”

To ensure all customers can be seen in a way they feel most comfortable with, Inchcape UK continues to offer an in-person experience for those who prefer a more traditional aftersales solution. By offering both options, Inchcape UK can satisfy the needs of a large and diverse customer base. 

“Some people will always prefer to talk to a service advisor, and we will always continue to accommodate that,” adds Middleton. “Personal contact has also been very useful for fostering adoption of the kiosks. We’ve seen how important it is to have service advisors and hosts on hand to introduce people to the Tjekvik digital technology and answer any queries that arise. While the kiosks are extremely intuitive and people rarely need help in navigating their way around, some are understandably hesitant about doing things in a new way for the first time. 

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Image Source: Inchcape UK

“Once we explain what it is and why it’s there, and they give it a try, they will typically favour the kiosk option in future. We’ve also introduced ‘nudging’ signage to point people in the direction of the kiosks.

Tjekvik solutions integrate with Inchcape UK’s dealer management system to maintain an accurate centralised record of each customer’s vehicle.



Growth in uptake and revenue

Inchcape UK dealerships have consistently seen around half of aftersales customers choose the home check-in option. Initially, 35% of customers checked their vehicles using home check-in, rising to 54% in Q4 2023. “Ultimately, we think the optimum proportion of home check-in will be around 60%,” says Middleton. “We’ve seen Tjekvik adoption rates rise by adding another layer to the pre-visit customer journey,” adds Middleton. “We now alert them to the digital home check-in option at 24 and 48 hours ahead of their visit, and that has really driven up the numbers using it.”

Additionally, during Q4 2023 14,005 customers checked in using the on-site kiosks, reducing waiting times for customers during the morning rush. The same period saw over £500,000 worth of work being pre-authorised by customers without the need for service advisors to wait for approval, further improving the efficiency of the aftersales teams.

Alongside improved customer satisfaction, the introduction of Tjekvik’s solutions has enabled Inchcape UK to increase revenue through the upselling of products and services during the digital check-in process.

“For the digital upselling effort at the time of home check-in, we have prioritised those things that are unlikely to be picked up through the EVHC.  The most popular value-added items customers purchased were new wiper blades and replacement key batteries. 

Key Results Q4 2023

£500,000 worth of pre-authorised work 

54% checked in from home 

14,005 customers used kiosks

1,929 service plan requests

2,501 vehicle valuation requests

Inchcape UK has now added prompts for service plans, vehicle valuations and more pre-authorisation elements, with an instant impact of 1,929 service plan requests and 2,501 vehicle valuation requests in Q4 2023.

As of January 2024, 53 Inchcape UK dealerships have incorporated Tjekvik self-service solutions within their aftersales departments. Brands include Mercedes-Benz, BMW MINI, Audi, JLR, Volkswagen, Toyota, and Lexus.

“The introduction of Tjekvik technologies has been an extremely positive step for our overall aftersales operation,” says Middleton. “Customer satisfaction levels have been maintained, despite the reduction in face-to-face interaction, and our average income revenue per booking has increased. 

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