Din Bil implements digital self-service to improve customer satisfaction, enhance team well-being and boost aftersales revenues

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31 Jan 2024

Sweden’s leading Volkswagen Group dealer network utilises Tjekvik’s digital self-service solutions across its aftersales operations.

Established in 2006, Din Bil – which translates to ‘Your Car’ – is a wholly owned subsidiary of Porsche Holding Salzburg GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Volkswagen AG.
Din Bil represents the Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Audi, Porsche, SEAT, CUPRA and Škoda brands. With 68 facilities across the country and around 2,400 employees, Din Bil is involved in selling, servicing, and repairing the diverse array of models under the Volkswagen Group umbrella.

Having sold more than 60,000 cars in 2022 and with an overall turnover exceeding 22 billion SEK (19 million euros), Din Bil is busier than ever. The group’s aftersales departments inevitably experienced high levels of customer footfall, particularly at peak times, when customers dropped off or collected their vehicles. Like many dealers, this often led to long queues and increased waiting times, impacting customer satisfaction and creating additional stress for the group’s service advisers.


Din Bil welcomes a technological solution

In order to overcome these pressures, Din Bill turned to Tjekvik and its range of digital check-in and check-out solutions to lessen queues and improve operational efficiency. Anders Andreasson, Head of Aftersales at Din Bil, shared that there was some initial apprehension from the aftersales team:

"Our service advisors saw the potential in letting Tjekvik take care of the customer flow, but as in any change of processes, there were also some who wondered if it really would work in practice. However, once they tried it, they saw the benefits firsthand—like the ability to deliver excellent customer service when needed. Now, they're not just on board; they're actively looking for ways to enhance the service process." 

Tjekvik’s technology enables customers to check in and check out their vehicles how, when and where they want – whether it’s at home in advance on a mobile-optimised site, or at the dealership via touchscreen kiosks that are both user-friendly and secure to use. Customers can use the kiosk to highlight the location of their vehicles, securely drop off their keys in dedicated in-built lockers, and purchase additional value-added items without the need to wait for a service advisor to become available.

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Din Bil initially implemented the digital check-in solutions at three of its sites during a pilot phase starting in early 2022. Recently, 90 indoor kiosks have been implemented at 42 sites (excluding Porsche, which has a different business model), collectively managing around 1,000 appointments per day. Adding Tjekvik kiosks to Din Bil’s body repair shops is also being discussed, which could lead to installations at five further sites. 

According to Anders: “The onboarding process was an extremely positive experience, with Tjekvik supporting us at every turn. Their project team was awesome – everything was planned very well, including preparing our service advisors ahead of launch. I’ve heard very positive feedback from the team about the training that was provided.”

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Impressive results and future plans

Since Din Bil implemented Tjekvik’s solutions, almost half of its customers have checked in from home, on average, while more than 20% have used the in-dealer kiosks to drop off their vehicles.

Din Bil has also seen an increase in revenue from being able to upsell products and services during the digital check-in process. Over 8 million SEK (approx. 730,000 euros) has been generated for the company, of which over 5 million SEK (approx. 480,000 euros) has been raised since July 2023. Din Bil estimates the benefit of adopting Tjekvik solutions has enabled the group to raise approximately 150,000 euros per month of extra revenue. Vehicle wiper blades were the best-selling product the group sold during this period.

Crucially, Andreasson would recommend the use of self-service kiosks to other car dealerships based on feedback from his service adviser colleagues. “Our staff are able to offer customers improved levels of service, with more time given to those who need additional support. Digital self-service also removes some of the burden placed on service advisors to upsell value-added items.” 

Din Bil expects Tjekvik to save its customers several minutes per booking. The group’s service advisors find that the increased efficiency reduces stress and interruptions, meaning they can complete more tasks, take greater care with duties, and provide better levels of support to customers

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Feedback from customers has also been positive, with many praising the speed, ease-of-use and time saved by using digital check-in on their visit. 

Din Bil has a plan for developing their self-service solution even further:  "Currently, we're rolling out a new payment solution in collaboration with a leading Swedish bank to streamline the checkout process and enhance customer convenience.  We're exploring options for a 24/7 solution, possibly including an outdoor kiosk to cater to a wider range of customers and ensure accessibility around the clock," said Anders.

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