Enhanced Experience Through Digital Innovation: Bilbörsen Implements Digital Self-Service

Kia Bilborsen

23 Apr 2024

One of Sweden’s leading dealers for KIA, Subaru, and Iveco brands, Bilbörsen, utilises Tjekvik’s digital self-service solutions across its aftersales operations.

The implementation of Tjekvik by Bilbörsen, a dealer for KIA, Subaru, and Iveco brands, is part of the Swedish automotive industry's shift towards digital innovation. Without any pilot phase - due to a directive from KIA Sweden - Bilbörsen began a journey with Tjekvik on February 1, 2023.

Bilbörsen's initial steps with Tjekvik started with implementation in 3 locations, with future plans to expand to a fourth, reflecting their expansion strategy. The team, currently consisting of 15 service advisors, began properly using Tjekvik by the end of summer 2023, after an introduction process that began in January of the same year.

Sofia Jacobsson, Head of Customer Reception, says: "We have had to adapt our processes to meet the digital expectations of our customers. It took a few months to find good workflows and processes so that nothing was missed. It is an ongoing process."


The facilities, handling an average of 100 customer bookings daily, installed 6 indoor terminals to facilitate digital check-in and check-out. This digital infrastructure has played a crucial role in streamlining operations and enhancing customer interaction.

Performance Metrics and Impact

The digital check-in process has shown a positive trend, with 6,726 home check-ins (39.1%) in 2023 and an increase to 52.1% YTD 2024. Check-ins at the facilities also increased from 11.5% in 2023 to 17.9% YTD 2024, indicating growing customer acceptance of digital interactions. The digital check-outs, although a smaller part of the total interactions with Tjekvik's system, showed a notable improvement from 3.7% in 2023 to 6.9% YTD 2024. This improvement is a clear indication of both staff and customers adapting to the digital system.

Sales and Revenue

The introduction of Tjekvik has had a significant impact on Bilbörsen's upselling, with impressive revenue of 1.55 million SEK in sales in 2023 and 476,000 SEK from January to March 2024. Wiper blades are the best-selling product. Bilbörsen's progress with Tjekvik underscores the importance of embracing digital tools to improve customer service, profitability, and efficiency.

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Future Plans

Bilbörsen is ready to further utilise Tjekvik by diversifying advertising campaigns and integrating additional services to stay at the forefront of a competitive market.

Sofia says: "We see great potential in finding the right offers for our customers and we are constantly working to adapt our products and services to our customers' needs." Bilbörsen's proactive approach to digital communication and its commitment to improving customer satisfaction through technology set a standard for the automotive industry.


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