Dynamic Motors Implements Digital Self-Service Kiosks for BMW and Mini Customers

31 May 2024

Dynamic Motors, a leading automotive service provider for BMW and Mini in Poland, has successfully integrated Tjekvik’s digital self-service kiosks to enhance customer experience, improve operational efficiency, and drive additional revenue streams.

The Challenge: Adapting to Increased Digitalization and Pandemic Pressures

With the onset of the pandemic, Dynamic Motors faced the challenge of maintaining high-quality service while minimising face-to-face interactions. The company recognised the need to accelerate its digital transformation to meet these demands and align with its Proactive Care policy. This policy emphasises digital services such as online appointment scheduling, contactless vehicle drop-off, the MyBMW and MyMINI apps for communication, CitNOW video updates on vehicle condition, and online payments.

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The Solution: Deploying Tjekvik’s Self-Service Kiosks

In 2021, under the leadership of Krzysztof Ejdowski, Branch Managing Director, Dynamic Motors launched a pilot program in Toruń, implementing Tjekvik’s intelligent self-service kiosks. Following the success of this pilot, the initiative was expanded to two additional locations, with plans to roll out a total of four sites, including a new site opening in Q2/Q3 2024.

Dynamic Motors currently operates six kiosks across its locations, comprising three indoor and three outdoor units. These kiosks enable customers to check in and check out their vehicles quickly and efficiently, either on-site or remotely via their own devices.


Implementation, Key Performance Indicators and Customer Feedback


The rollout of the self-service kiosks was smooth, despite some logistical challenges posed by the pandemic. Initially, the company introduced indoor kiosks, followed by more advanced outdoor kiosks equipped with secure key lockers and large touch screens. This technological advancement has continuously improved the efficiency of the check-in and check-out process.

The self-service kiosks have been well-received, with over 80% of customers providing positive feedback. Marek Sojecki, Director of Aftersales at Dynamic Motors, notes that the kiosks have streamlined the drop-off and pick-up process, saving time for both customers and service advisors. This system has proven especially beneficial for customers with busy schedules, allowing them to leave their vehicles at their convenience and avoid queues.

Service advisors initially faced a learning curve but quickly adapted to the new system. The self-service kiosks have freed up advisors’ time, allowing them to focus on more complex customer interactions and improve their overall productivity. The system’s intuitive design and the support from service assistants have made it easier for customers to use the kiosks, further enhancing the customer experience.

The introduction of the kiosks has not significantly altered the sales process but has required enhanced marketing efforts to educate customers about the new system. This includes informative banners, social media campaigns, and instructional materials. The after-sales process has also been refined, with automated SMS notifications keeping customers informed at every stage of their service.

Benefits and Future Prospects

The self-service kiosks have provided several benefits, including increased operational efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction, and additional revenue from upselling services such as vehicle washing and air conditioning cleaning. Customers appreciate the flexibility and convenience of the kiosks, which allow them to drop off and pick up their vehicles outside regular business hours.

Looking ahead, Dynamic Motors plans to further integrate payment systems with the kiosks, enabling a seamless connection between service payments and key retrieval. Continuous software updates and user-friendly improvements are also in the pipeline to ensure the kiosks remain aligned with market trends and customer expectations.


Dynamic Motors’ adoption of Tjekvik’s self-service kiosks has positioned the company as a forward-thinking leader in the automotive service industry. By embracing digital solutions, Dynamic Motors has enhanced its service quality, increased customer satisfaction, and set a benchmark for innovation in automotive service delivery.

Marek Sojecki

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